With more and more families choosing to lease over buy, it is time for you to consider just why so many people benefit from owning homes over living in apartments. No matter if you live alone or with a spouse or you have an entire family to care for, you receive benefits and advantages simply by moving into a home that you own. No matter the reason you choose to make the purchase, there are many ways in which you can do so without worrying about the larger price of a home, especially when you consider how cost-effective that home is in the long run when compared to an apartment.


Building equity in your home is a savings plan that is easy to set up and easier to enjoy in the future whenever you need to borrow from the equity of your home. If you retire and find that you did not save as much as you hoped or that you do not have enough monthly income to cover your basic expenses, you could choose to release equity in your home for a lump sum of cash given directly to you. Once you have this cash, it can be used for a wide range of things such as home improvement, repairs, monthly expenses, and much more so that you can retire with greater ease.

In addition to the ability to borrow from the equity of your home, you will save money in the long run because you will eventually pay off your home and own it outright. With an apartment, the monthly rent that you pay is not only never going to pay off the home but you will also never see the payments reduced. In fact, some apartments raise the rent a bit each year that you stay, forcing you to work more or move into a new apartment after so long of staying there, which can be difficult on adults and children alike.


If you choose to get your first house with the help of housing loans in Malaysia, you not only get to move into a home that will save you time and money in the long run but you will be able to do absolutely anything to the property immediately after moving into it. For example, you could have a wall that is not load-bearing removed to open up your living room area or to connect your kitchen to the rest of the house. You could upgrade your appliances, paint the walls, replace the roof, and much more because you own the home even if you are paying a mortgage on it.

With renting, this is simply not true or only true in a very limited sense, such as being allowed to paint the interior walls a new colour only if you repaint them to the original colour before leaving. Any pictures and décor hung on the walls will need to be removed and repaired after you complete your lease and get ready to leave, and you are absolutely not allowed to make any alterations to the property. In this way, you are forced to keep the same old-fashioned appliances and more that could cause you to pay more each month in utilities and other expenses.

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