You may think that it is going to be nearly impossible to get a home loan on property that is located in a foreign country, but you will be surprised with how easy it truly is. This is one of the biggest tasks that you will have to complete, but the time and effort that you put into this step will pay off, when you get the keys to your dream house.

Realistic Budgeting

India’s real estate market is slowing on the rise and right now is the best time to invest in flats for sale in Thane. Never purchase or rent a home that is out of your budget because it will be nearly impossible to pay for it. If you are still trying to decide how much money that you can afford to invest in rental properties, then you may want to consider hiring an accountant to help you out. There are many accountants that will set down with you and plan a fixed budget for you and your family. It is important that you allot enough money for your personal needs so that you do not come up short at the end of the month.

Realistic Budgeting india


Hiring a lawyer only makes sense, before you actually purchase property in a foreign country. There is nothing more frustrating for someone that is looking to purchase property in India than not knowing what the country’s requirements are for a new resident. If you hire a lawyer to help, you through this huge transition, you will find that they will come in very handy, during the entire process of home searching and buying. Never tackle this huge project on your own, without an attorney because you may end up regretting it later down the road.

Finding An Agent

Do not know where to find an Indian real estate agent? Well, if you go to your search browser and put in “”, you will open up a new avenue of how to find the perfect real estate agent that will assist you in finding your dream home in India. Just open up the menu and click on “find an agent” and start your search in the city of your choice. Each agent listed has his/her very own career summary that you will find valuable. If you are looking for an agent or broker that is highly qualified in the real estate market, you will surely find one on the website. Once you find your agent be sure to use this site to do your home search, as well.

Finding An Agent india

Lowest Rental Fees

The website will also allow you to search for properties that fit into your budget. Finding the lowest rental fees is very important for someone that is trying to save money on this necessity. Do an advanced search and find properties that fit within your annual income, without having to spend your time searching through the ones that are way too expensive. This website will allow you to search and compare rental and deposit fees so that you will find the perfect housing in no time at all.

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