The binary system is the option which pays two outcomes, either a fixed amount or nothing. In cash or nil binary option flat amounts of cash is used if option runs out in money. In asset or nothing it will be paying the value for underlying security. It is also called digital options, all or absolutely null and fixed return option. In digital option the probability of value is cumulative distribution.

Binary Traders

Services and options

The binary trading service always provides to set standard. They always try to commit in creating the best lucrative environment to clients. The binary service provides trading products and services. They even provide tools for success. The trading platform provides best designed trading experience to their clients. The services allow for the best trading community in binary option markets with excellent facet in business operations. The services come with best safety and security funds for best growth and to provide assurances to the clients. Binary services help in maintaining the high level funds for each client. They can withdraw the funds in any time and for any reason. The access for trading accounts and clients can be open and balance the accounts and allow in trading environment. The service also provides the best adhering high standards of safety and funds. These funds will not be used for any purpose, but limit to company operations.

Different types of trading accounts available

There are many types of account types available. They provide many options for client selecting account. The type of trader, they have different accounts. There are mini, silver, gold and platinum account types. Mini account provides full access to trading and no commission. They provide access for all the investments like Boundary high, low, touch and 60 seconds. They even allow the client to access in different trading assets like currencies, commodities, indexed and shares. They come up with 24hrs support and assist the clients. The minimum amount depot is just 200$. In Silver, they give 2% return on trade and full access for the platform and is commission free. They allow to access different types of investments same as in mini, apart from those features it has support from experts and minimum deposit is 2000$. In gold, 3% return is providing and minimum deposit is 5000$. For platinum there is 4% return on trade and allows full access along with commission free system. The features remain the same while the minimum balance is 10,000$. There are high yielding options for trading. In this trading, one can earn returns up to 36% and they introduce best investment for traders. This high yield options give more chances for increasing profit. The rate of return is from 200% to 360%. The high yield options available are above or below, high yield touch, high yield boundary. Different companies differ with their system of percentage and packages.

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